First Post, Bitches!

Okay; let’s get this show on the road! First off, if you’re easily offended, use your clickie finger to move along. Maybe go here instead. Anyway, if you’re still with us, GREAT. Here at Jalapeno Bros. Games, or JBG for short, we put our two brains together, come up with kick-ass games (card and board, but not necessarily cardboard, although some components might be made of such) and then design them, create janky, homemade prototypes of them, test the hell out of them, then test that shit some more. Lastly, we try to sell those games to YOU, the fun-loving, game whores who have a sense of humor and adventure. We know you’re out there; we just need to connect with you and convince you how fucking awesome our games can be…but they’re just boxes of paper and plastic until you open them and add your personality to the party.

Thank you for reading all of this bullshit. Now, let’s DO this! Our first game, “Life Sucks and You’re Fucked!” is doing its debut very soon. Like to pre-order? YAAAASSSS; you’re our favorite kind of person! We’ll provide the link in about a week or so! You’ll be one of the VERY first to receive the game as well as 4 super-limited, KILLER cards that will NOT be in any of the post-order games.